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Modern Lead Magnets

My take on what Lead Magnets should look like

I was simply pissed w.r.t how shitty the current Lead Magnets are. They solve the problem for the marketeer in collecting email leads but don't solve the problem for the user. It is a limited tool, even the collection of data and its variety is limited.

I would recommend reading this blog first

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Android Uninstall Verification

a.k.a Firebase Instance ID Verification

This tool allows you to verify if an Firebase Instance ID/ Push Token is still active, when was it last connected to the internet, in case of Android it can even tell you if the app was uninstalled.

No hidden costs. Built for debugging for non-developers.

How does it work?

It uses a partially documented Firebase API, to reach Firebase Servers to validate the presence of the App. This does not send a notification to the app

Data / Security

I practically store nothing. You see this is on my personal website and more I save, the more I need to pay. So I do not store anything more than a counter which says, how many times this was used

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Image which shows lost connectivity

Send a Firebase Push Notification

Formerly called GCM Sender

A simple helper to send messages to devices using Firebase Cloud Messaging. This tool is useful for developers who are trying to test their JSON payload when implementing FCM. This tool is NOT suitable for commercial usage. If abused, I will be forced to pull the tool down.

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