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CTO PureMetrics, Android Consultant, Google Cloud Platform and all tech

For Developers by developers

These are some of the tools which can ease your life. Whilst I have a huge list of tools to build, I get so little time to contibute


Unistall Tracker/Device Info

Not sure if your user has uninstalled the app ? Just enter your push token and API access key and this tool tells you that, without sending a silent push

Comming Soon

Image representing GCM

Push Notification sender

Helps you send push notifications in real time with the data/payload you desire. I do not store any tokens or misuse them in any way. Is is for developers only who are trying out a feature. It was never meant for Production user

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The Teardown Script

Want to rip apart an app and see whats inside it? Follow the steps written here to teardown an app and start reading it even when it is obfuscated

Comming Soon

A full stack developer with expertise in the mobile world

I have worked on various projects, covering several technologies and stacks. I have worked with MNCs, OEMS and stratups to creating awesome products

I like giving back to the community, either by helping college kids transform their projects from ideas to execution, or answering question on StackOverflow. I am an active participant in BlrDroid Community and GDGBangalore.

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