Abhishek Nandi

Chief Technology Officer at YourStory.

Career Snapshot

8+ yrs of industry experience - entrepreneur, team lead, team member, individual contributor.

Over the years I have designed and built applications which were business critical, experimental, immensely scalable. I have built SDKs which were optimized for size and performance. I have architected applications for the cloud native world. I have also lead migrations for large legacy systems w/o affecting daya to day operations for the business. I have also worked with organizations of all sizes and culture.

I started out at Infosys as a Systems Engineer Trainee in 2010 where over a period of 3yrs I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and moved out as a Senior Systems Engineer. There on I moved on to join Huawei India R&D's handset domain group, where I worked on Android OS Framework and System Apps. I worked on some of the flagship phones of Huawei and participated in patent discussions. Having worked with a big organization, a fast paced chinese OEM, I wanted to experience a fast paced, focused and tech savy startup. Thats when I joined MoEngage, a marketing automation company. I interviewed as the 4th employee and joined as the 11th. I loved it. I worked with some amazing and talented people. I worked 3 times more without even dropping a sweat, or complaining. I built their Android SDK, the most light weight and advanced SDK in the industry back then. I lead the in-app Nativ Product for them and also made friends who would last a lifetime. This is where I met @RaviVyas, with whom I would go on to partner and startup on our own. During our tenure at MoEngage we interfaced with alot of companies and realized even after years of work and products analytics continues to be a problem for many. That lead to us starting PureMetrics Inc. I built the entire product for PureMetrics ground up. I love the journey and would save the PureMetrics story for a face to face discussion. So, after several releases, product updates, client meetings and awesome emails later, we pivoted to starting Odiocast, aimed to solve the problems with Podcasting, both in creation and consumption. The idea was simple, if you take multiple selfies and then finally select one to post why not do the samething to audio recordings. Within 2 months we were out recording at events and intorducing people to the concept. That when we met Shradha Sharma and it clicked. We were acqui-hired by YourStory. It seemed to be a perfect fit to grow the product from within a media organization.

Java Android Spring SQL NoSQL Google BigQuery AWS NodeJS ReactJS React Native Firebase Analytics Team Management Agile Project Management Hiring Product Management

I have learnt a lot and will continue to do so everyday. I have made my own share of mistakes and am sure I'll make more while I strive to achieve more from life.


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You can drop by the office for a coffee. You can send me an email at mail.abhisheknandi@gmail.com or reach out on LinkedIn or Twitter


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